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FirePHP4Chrome Chrome Extension

I use Chrome almost exclusively now. One thing that drove me nuts was the lack of support for FirePHP in the console of Chrome. Google even released some extensions for it - but they either didn’t work or were out of date. So I created my own. (more…)

Feedly Background Tab

After transitioning away from the doomed Google Reader to Feedly, I found it to be awesome! I only had one gripe with the shortcut key scenario… when you went to view the entire article in a new tab, it was always focused. This meant I’d still have to middle click with my mouse to put my tabs in the background. (more…)

Make sure not to "too" future-proof your code

When doing a bit of code review, I saw an incredibly ornately architected future-proof module written by one of my programmers on my team. It had taken him roughly 3x as long as I had estimated, but the code was very complete. It was created in such a way that every single portion of it was modular and could be interchanged quite easily. (more…)

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