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Disable PiHole from iPhone 1-click

If you’re running PiHole as your DNS, you might run into situations where you want to disable it quickly. By making a shortcut on my iPhone, I can quickly disable (or re-enable) PiHole. Let me show you how. (more…)


What is a CTO? What do they do?

The title CTO is short for Chief Technology Officer. But what actual roles and responsibilities do they have? Every business is different, so there’s no hard and fast set of rules. However, there are some core responsibilities and philosophies that I believe every person with that title should have. (more…)

CSS fallback for failed Javascript redirect

For some analytic tools, an interstitial page may be required to load javascript and then redirect the user again. Normally these page switches happen pretty fast and the user doesn’t really notice or care. Some have a link to ‘continue’ the redirect just in case the Javascript fails. But, what if we only wanted to show that link after a certain amount of time has elapsed, regardless of if the Javascript has failed or not?... (more…)

Shutting Down

A friend of mine created a bingo caller at which I found pretty interesting. She got lots of traffic and a lot of appreciative people. This inspired me to make a simple game website to keep my skills up to date. Maybe people would love it, too! (spoiler alert: they didn’t) (more…)

Bye Bye FixMyFuckingProject

So, if you know me personally, you know I’m a bit profane. I tend to keep this out of my professional work. But, I noticed that this pattern of speaking was common among a core group of my previous clients: those who have a project spiraling out of control. So, I decided to brand “Fix My Fucking Project” to their needs. (more…)

Old School Fancy Resume

Remember when the biggest way to show off your quality as an applicant was to have a fancy resume? You’d have a heavy paper weight, fancy fonts and in some cases embossing. I decided it might be fun to duplicate that as an HTML/CSS resume. (more…)

PHP Class Constant Visibility

Since PHP 7.1, visibility has been supported on PHP class constants. Here’s a quick video about how these work and why you might want to use different visibilities. (more…)

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