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Homekit Notify If Door Open Too Long

I’ve finally come up with a couple of solutions to get a notification if a door has been open too long in my house. In Homekit, the automations are extended with Shortcuts, and that’s what we’ll use. (more…)


Website Up Web Scenario Template for Zabbix

I was pretty excited that Zabbix 5.0 LTS came out, so I decided to redo my whole install. One of the main reasons I use Zabbix is to monitor website homepage up or down status. This time, I decided to make a template. Below I’ll detail how and what I did so you can make your own template for your own websites. (more…)

Developer Time vs Manager Time

A full calendar, hours on the phone, work into the night and a never-ending deluge of emails: the typical Dev Manager’s life. Time is precious and scarce. It’s also very fluid. You’re jumping from thing to thing; meetings get pushed and calls are rushed. It’s not ideal, but it seems to be the only way you can get to all of the things that need your attention. (more…)

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