Resume of Guy Smiley


To continue to be America's Favorite Game Show Host.


Self, Sesame Street Presents: The Body, 2005 - Present

Sesame Street Presents: The Body is a traveling, interactive exhibit about the human body.

Self Recurring Character, Sesame Street, Season 4 - 21, 1972-1990

I was America's favorite game show host.

Self in Beat the Time, Sesame Street, Season 4, 1972

While participating in a Beat the Time sketch with The Count, I was featured as Guy Smiley. The object of this game is for the contestant to complete a task before the clock ran out.

Big Bob/Sonny Friendly, Sesame Street, Season 1, 1970

Hosted "Can You Guess?", the first-ever Sesame Street game show. Hosted Billy Monster who had to guess which of three (non-monster) panelists is the mother.

Spokesman for Brand X, Sesame Street, Season 1, 1969

Cast as a show "business type", I was first featured as the original spokesman for Brand X.


Count von Count

Arithmomania support group friend. 123-456-7890

Leslie Mostly

Leslie Mostly Show Host. 411-411-4411

Maria Figueroa

Former Fix-It Shop manager, Superintendent of 123 Sesame Street. 555-123-7372 ext: 63