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As an entrepreneur and open source programmer, I’ve created a lot of programming projects, sites and web apps. Blog entries tagged “archived-projects” are projects that I no longer support and have archived. You’ll find rationales, postmortems, details and lessons-learned from these projects.

Shutting Down PlayTicTacToe.page

A friend of mine created a bingo caller at letsplaybingo.io which I found pretty interesting. She got lots of traffic and a lot of appreciative people. This inspired me to make a simple game website to keep my skills up to date. Maybe people would love it, too! (spoiler alert: they didn’t) (more…)

Bye Bye FixMyFuckingProject

So, if you know me personally, you know I’m a bit profane. I tend to keep this out of my professional work. But, I noticed that this pattern of speaking was common among a core group of my previous clients: those who have a project spiraling out of control. So, I decided to brand “Fix My Fucking Project” to their needs. (more…)

The end of Possessor

Before I begin a security audit, I try to make sure that the client owns their website. Normally, this is pretty easy and obvious. However, sometimes it takes a little bit more work. That’s why I had thought of launching the tool called Possessor. (more…)

Site profile: thebetterbachelor.com

Goal: to create a bachelor cookbook and sell it to other bachelors online. The price of the cookbook was to be very cheap so that it wasn’t too much of a risk. The book itself was supposed to be picture rich and very verbose. It showed how to accomplish tasks that other books assumed a person knew. (more…)

Service profile: mketweeps

Goal: I came up with an idea that I wanted to find local people in our area and mention them using a twitter bot. Pretty simple. Two requirements were they either had to use the word milwaukee in their profile or be from the milwaukee location, and they had to not have a blank profile. The tweet contained a shout out to their name and as much of their profile as could be fit in... (more…)

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