Aaron Saray, Open Source Developer and Engineering Manager

Hi - I'm Aaron! I'm a Dev Manager coach, PHP & Laravel programmer, and Node & Vue developer.

I do contract work with my company More Better Faster. I like popcorn & short walks on the pavement.

Here are some things I have to say:

Shutting Down PlayTicTacToe.page

A friend of mine created a bingo caller at letsplaybingo.io which I found pretty interesting. She got lots of traffic and a lot of appreciative people. This inspired me to make a simple game website to keep my skills up to date. Maybe people would love it, too! (spoiler alert: they didn’t) (more…)

Bye Bye FixMyFuckingProject

So, if you know me personally, you know I’m a bit profane. I tend to keep this out of my professional work. But, I noticed that this pattern of speaking was common among a core group of my previous clients: those who have a project spiraling out of control. So, I decided to brand “Fix My Fucking Project” to their needs. (more…)

Old School Fancy Resume

Remember when the biggest way to show off your quality as an applicant was to have a fancy resume? You’d have a heavy paper weight, fancy fonts and in some cases embossing. I decided it might be fun to duplicate that as an HTML/CSS resume. (more…)

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