Aaron Saray, Open Source Developer and Dev Manager

Hello - I'm Aaron! I'm an Engineering Manager coach, a PHP and Laravel programmer and Node and Vue developer.

I do contract work through my company More Better Faster. I'm the CTO of Talimer. I like popcorn and short walks on the pavement.

Here are some things I have to say:

Leave Current Zoom Meeting with Alfred App AppleScript

You’ve been there. The Zoom meeting is over and then everyone looks awkward at the bottom corner of the screen as they desperately try to leave. Nikki Glaser will show you what I’m talking about if you don’t know. Now, if you’re using Alfred (like you should be on Mac), you can easily leave the meeting. (more…)

The Pitfalls of Buying Pre-Made Software

When you’re working on a project with a tight timeline, it can seem really attractive to buy pre-made software to save time. But, there are a number of problems and pitfalls to be aware of before you do this. (more…)

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