Using ApacheTop with Cronolog

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I love ApacheTop. I love Cronolog. After I installed cronolog and used it in my apache configuration, however, I found it more and more difficult to use apachetop. I stopped using it. Well, I finally came up with a bash script that eases my frustration with calling the proper path names for apachetop. Check it out:

My httpd.conf customlog

The entry in httpd.conf vhost contains this line:

CustomLog "|/usr/local/sbin/cronolog /etc/httpd/logs/%Y/%m/%Y-%m-%d-access_log" combined

Pretty simple - just keeping my logs separated.

My script

In order to make it easier on myself, I now invoke apachetop with this bash script.

apachetop -T 3600 -f "/etc/httpd/logs/`date +%Y`/`date +%m`/`date +%Y`-`date +%m`-`date +%d`-access_log"

And then I’m good to go.

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