The Dev Manager One on One Coaching

I’m proud to announce that I’ve launched One on One Coaching at The Dev Manager!

If you’ve been following along on with my management entries, you know I think the job of an Engineering Manager is super important and very complex. But besides my few entries, where do you turn for training, guidance, etc?

To answer that question, I launched The Dev Manager. I wanted to offer training material for new Dev and Engineering Managers so they didn’t have to struggle the way I did on my first few attempts. I’ve been creating specifically targeted training and materials for a while, but they’re kind of one-size-fits-all.

It’s time to take it a step further past training, books and videos. One on one coaching with someone that’s been there before is invaluable. I’ve been doing this type of outreach and mentoring with a few select colleagues over the years. It turns out that there are many more Dev Managers out there than I know personally! That’s the genesis of putting together a more official coaching program.

You ready to level up as a manager? Check out my Dev Manager One on One Coaching now!

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